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What is the difference between a birthday party and a play session?

A birthday party is a celebration hosted by one family and our approach to the entertainment tends to be more active and varied. A play session can be shared among multiple families once or ongoing; is more intimate and focused on interactive play/activities/stations, building fine motor and social skills.

Typically one family hosts a birthday party or celebration, invites their guests and we do the rest. We have themes to pick from but an LMA party pulls out all the stops for 45-60 minutes of nonstop wiggling, giggling, obstacle courses, dance/movement, and if requested, messy and water play. 


When we come to your play group, each parent or caregiver will pay $20 per child to participate. It's simple. You pick a location (someone's home or a rented space in your area), pick a theme customized to your kids' interests, then sit back, relax and catch up with friends while we play! Everyone wins. :-) We'll be happy to provide language for the host to invite friends and/or make payment in advance easy through PayPal. Play sessions require a minimum of five children for booking. Cost is $20 per child. 

How does payment work for our group’s play date? 

Play session hosts usually take the lead on organizing and inviting friends, but we can help provide wording and a PayPal link. Hosts have the option of paying the play group in full, or sharing the cost in advance. Payment of $20 per child and a minimum of 5 kids are required for booking.

Where can LMA do a birthday party, pop-up or play session?

Wherever you are! We come to your house (don't worry - we'll bring everything in and out!), your backyard, or we can help find a local rental space. Ask us about the local spaces we partner with to host your party.  


Will LMA come to my school or camp?

Yes! And Yes! We bring our dance, movement and fun to preschool enrichment programs, camp programs, and community events. Check with us to see if we're scheduled at your school, camp or group event. Or, let us know who we can contact to see how we can bring LMA to your school or camp!

Can I drop off my child at an LMA party, play session, or pop-up class?

Unfortunately, no. Unless your child is enrolled in a preschool or camp enrichment program that we are performing at, most of our parties, pop-ups and play groups require a parent or caregiver to be present.


Can I host a party or play sessions for my infant? 

Unfortunately, we do not have programs for infants or children under 2 years old. Our programs are geared towards children ranging in age from 2-7. Birthday parties are for children age 3 and up.


When can I host a birthday party or play session? 

Any time you'd like! Just visit our reserve page and choose the day and time you are interested in.  We will contact you to get all the details.  

Can I sign up to get news about LMA events and specials?

Yes! Email us at info@littlemovingartist.com or sign up on our site Contact Us.