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Get To Know Us

Hi :)   My name is Eliza Zeevalk and I am the founder of The Little Moving Artist.  I am a classically trained dancer and choreographer with a BFA in dance education and an MFA in education.  After having children, I wanted to build a program that challenged them to think outside of the box and create movement through play.  The naps from all the high energy movement were great too!  I believe that all children need a place that fosters creative expression, imagination, and individuality. Every child should feel empowered by their natural impulses when speaking and moving and to feel respected for their artistic choices.  When I am not teaching you can find me in the garden, dancing, snowboarding, playing in nature with my family, and traveling.  I am so happy that you are interested in my program and I hope to meet your family soon!


Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Our team is made up of friendly and fun teachers, actors, dancers, fitness fanatics and parents.  Most importantly, everyone has a true love of children and are excited to create a memorable experience with our Little Moving Artist curriculum.  

Jennifer Padley Kantor

James "Jim" Shackley

Lexie Rohlf

Laura Chaneski