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Grace + Eve has created a local, handmade party favor that is sure to delight your guests with hours of creative fun. These Hand Kites are made using untreated hardwood rings that measure 2.75 inches across- the perfect size for little hands. Each ring is sealed with homemade beeswax-coconut oil polish.


The satin ribbons are 3/8″ wide and measure approximately 24 inches long. Each ribbon has been heat sealed to prevent fraying.


The hand kites are available in 2 palettes: Rainbow, which is a 6 ribbon color combination including red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, or the Rose palette, which is a 6 ribbon color combination including bronze, lavender, dusty rose, pink, pale pink, and silver.


Each kite is $8.00.  We offer a 10% discount on orders of 10-19 hand kites (enter coupon code 10 at checkout) , a 15% discount on orders of 20-29 hand kites (enter coupon code 15 at checkout), and a 20% discount on orders of 30 or more hand kites (enter coupon code 30 at checkout).  Each favor is individually packaged inside a beautiful cotton muslin gift bag.


Your party favors will be delivered to you at the birthday.  Check out more products from Grace + Eve HERE.    

Party Favors: Hand Kites by Grace + Eve

  • Returns are accepted with a full refund seven days from receipt of purchase.